Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Zealand, Day 4 - Tongariro

Tongariro is simply amazing. The reason it's a World Heritage area is pretty obvious. I'm not going to say a lot about it because frankly it needs photos. I'll upload a few when we get to Wellington, hopefully.

We went on a ~6km walk to Taranaki Falls. It took a bit longer than we expected, but the falls were very much worth it. I suspect that spending a morning outdoors in Tongariro will be one of my favorite memories of this trip.

For lunch we took the chair lifts up to Mt. Ruapehu, where they have a cafe at 2,000 meters. It was a little surreal eating a ham and cheese croissant while idly looking down on Tongariro spread out below, a few kilometers away. Surreal, and chilly.

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