Monday, March 7, 2011

New Zealand, Day 2 - Rotorua

Day two was Rotorua.

Let me get this out of the way at the start. My family's from Maine, and Lincoln, ME is known for its pungency, accountable to the mill there. So I thought of myself as reasonably well-acquainted with sulfery odors. Rotorua demonstrated that I was mistaken -- the hot springs funk there is mighty indeed. We were out by the lake checking out the hot springs and my eyes were watering like I was cutting onions. Yow!

Aside from that Rotorua was great! We were there only one night and so had less than a full day there (due to travel time from Auckland), but when I saw the gardens there I wished we'd allocated more time. Beautiful place.

We walked along the lakeside for a kilometer or two, which was quite nice, and we got some neat photos (and videos) of the hot springs. We even sat in a hot spring mineral bath spa that the hotel had. I smelled like sulfur until this morning though, so I am not sure I see what the old Europeans saw in it.

By the way, no uploads for now because Vodafone only allows 10MB per day. Which is excellent since you can buy 500MB that expires after a month; I wonder how you're supposed to use the other 190MB you allegedly paid for. Even allowing for NZ being an island and thus having expensive connectivity, I am still trying to think of a reason why that isn't a scam. Maybe I'll find decent WiFi somewhere.

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