Sunday, November 7, 2010

Starting a New Thing

I just bought one of these:

As my wife said while we were walking out of the Fry's, "It blows my mind that you can buy a whole computer in a little box like that." I don't think I can or want to add anything to that.

I got Ubuntu Lucid Server up and running on without really any trouble at all, even with the configuration I chose, of booting the installer from a thumb drive and installing to an SD card. (I'm trying to keep it as low power as possible; we'll see if the SD card pans out.)

My plan is to write some server code for this thing (in Go!) and hook up some peripherals like a web cam, door opening monitor circuits, etc. My aim is somewhere between home automation and a homebrew security system. Most likely I will just end up spying on the cats. Heh heh...

So far it's a pretty impressive little widget. Hopefully things will pan out and I'll get something spiffy out of it all.

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Jorik said...


I know it's a pretty old post, but I'm wondering how this thing is preforming? I'm looking for an energy efficient server at home (for some basic ftp/http/mail stuff) and thought a box like this would work.