Friday, June 18, 2010

Now I can manage my life from the command line

GoogleCL ( is entirely too cool.

sudo apt-get install dcraw graphicsmagick python-gdata
sudo dpkg -i
for nef in *.NEF; do
jpg=`echo $nef | sed 's/\.NEF$/\.jpg/'`;
gm convert $nef $jpg;
google picasa post --title="Vegas ATV Trip" $jpg;
rm $jpg;

.NEF is Nikon's RAW file format. dcraw is a utility that can convert NEF to standard formats, and graphicsmagick is a utility that can do various manipulations of images, including transcoding.

The script above converts all the NEF files in the current directory to temporary JPEG files, and then uploads them to my Picasa Web Albums account, in the "Vegas ATV Trip" album. That is, it's an extremely simple but effective Picasa uploader.

I think I will be having some fun with this thing. I'm even posting this via GoogleCL.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, it is cool. I just wish there was a version for Windows. :/