Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cable winders

My wife and I have been collecting corks for a while to fill in some of those cork-board things you can buy, where you glue corks into a wooden frame to make a trivet or a corkboard for messages. This weekend we finally had enough corks so I assembled those, but I also had a few corks left over.

Since corks don't compost well, I wanted to put some of them to another use. At the same time I've been having a problem with damaging and losing USB cables for my various Android phones, since I've been carrying them loose in my Timbuk2 bag. I suppose could have done a better job of winding them up carefully, but that's annoying to do, given how often I use them.

So instead I made some cable winders out of some of the corks. It's extremely straightforward, and I won't belabor the point, since I made a YouTube video:

I can't decide if this is a clever idea, or something lame that belongs on

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