Sunday, June 1, 2008

Google I/O has come and gone

The Google I/O event has come and gone, now, and it was a pretty awesome event. We laughed, we cried (oops), we demoed a new build. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out -- beyond that even; I was amazed by the energy level. I think the 2-day format sort of provided a sense of urgency, and it kept people excited. I remember sitting around at about 4:30 on the second day, feeling like I was waiting for something, only to suddenly realize that it was all over and there was nothing left to wait for.

Anyway we were very busy preparing for that event, and before that we were extremely busy handling the Android Developer Challenge. I feel suddenly light as a feather! It's almost like I have nothing to do next week. Heh heh... except that I definitely do. Lots of stuff got put aside in favor of ADC and GIO that needs to get picked up again.

One of them is my blog here. I think it might be high time to finish up a post I've had sitting in draft form for entirely too long.